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Two-Way Radios 101

Introduction: There are many choices

Let’s say that you go to an auto dealership to buy a new car.  As usual, a salesman appears from nowhere within seconds to ask if you need any help.  You tell the salesman that you are looking for a new car.  He quickly asks you, “What kind of car?”  You may respond bewilderedly, “I don’t know!”  With literally hundreds of variations, features, and functions available on the market, simply stating that you need a car is of no help whatsoever.  Do you want a two-door, or four door?  Do you want a powerful engine for towing, or a fuel-efficient economical engine?  Do you need power windows, doors, and a sun-roof?   Is price an issue?  If so, you need to steer clear of the high end vehicles.

As with this example, purchasing a two-way radio requires a certain amount of forethought.  It is not enough to simply want or need a new radio.  There are many factors to consider.  This booklet will help you to go through some “basic” issues that will need to be addressed prior to deciding on a particular radio.